Adams Run HOA
  P.O. Box 91003
  Louisville, KY 40291

  Meeting Minutes
   HOA meetings are held about every 2-3 months at the Jefferson County Central Govt Center 
   7201 Outer Loop 40228 @ 7 p.m. (Room A)
   Watch for the huge purple banners at each entrance of the neighborhood.
   The annual meeting for election of board members will be held on Monday Oct 11th 2018
   at 7 p.m. Please try to attend!
  Minutes from previous meetings for 2017 are below. Click the link  They are also
  available on the facebook group page under "files"




  * Please Note*

  Minutes from previous meetings are still available for viewing on our sister site for several months. They will be archived on dvd/cd and turned
  over to the Board for filing




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