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  Adams Run HOA
  P.O. Box 91003
  Louisville, KY 40291

  Finance & Annual Dues
  The requirement to pay Homeowners Association dues is part of the deed restrictions
  that accompany ownership of a home within Adam's Run. Homeowners purchase
  property in Adam's Run with the agreement that they voluntarily give up certain rights
  for the benefit of the community.
  The new fiscal year dues invoices are due in October each year.
  Any questions regarding them contact: Billing Issues
  Please address all HOA financial concerns via e-mail to Finance@adamsrunhoa.com 
  or to the following postal address.

  Adams Run Homeowners Association
  Attention: Finance
  P.O. Box 91003
  Louisville, KY 40291
  Attorneys and Title Companies please contact Finance@adamsrunhoa.com
  2018 Dues Invoice is to be paid upon receipt or no later than Oct 15, 2018
  Click here to view invoice.



Adamís Run Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 91003, Louisville, Kentucky 40291