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HOA Documents & Deeds :

Homeowners purchase property in Adam's Run with the agreement that they voluntarily give up certain
rights for the benefit of the community. As the development progressed, certain lots had slightly different
owner restrictions. For example, the first sections were permitted basketball goals out front and above
ground swimming pools that were excluded in subsequent sections.
This is where you can learn about your Lot's restrictions and how to submit improvement plans to the
Documents & Deeds Committee.

Property Improvements ~ Submitting a Request:

Homeowners making property improvements should review their Deed Restrictions to ensure they are
following the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Adam's Run Subdivision.
The CC&Rs are listed on this page according to Lot numbers.

Property improvements must be approved by the Documents & Deeds Committee. It is easy to submit
your request, just follow these steps:

1. Review your CC&R.

2. Review the Instructions on the first page of the Property Improvement Request Form.

3. Complete the Property Improvement Request Form. You MUST know the Section you live in and
the Lot Number. You can find this on the Section Maps under CC&R page.

4. Send all the required documents (plot plan, city approvals, material type, etc.) with the Request Form
via email to or via postal mail to the Documents & Deeds Committee at::

Adam's Run Homeowner's Association
Attn: Documents & Deeds
PO Box 91003
Louisville, KY 40291

** Please allow up to 7-10 business days for your documents to be received, since someone else gets the mail.**

Complaint Procedure:

If an Adams Run Homeowner wishes to register a complaint with regard to violations of the Deed Restrictions
against another Adams Run Homeowner, the proper procedure to follow is outlined below:

Step 1: The Complainant must send a letter (or the Complaint Form) via US Mail to the ARHOA Post Office Box
or via email to The letter must identify the complaint, the address of the violation,
and the name and address of the complainant.

Please send form with Attn: Deeds and Documents Committee - on the front of the envelope.

Step 2: Upon receipt of the notice, the Document & Deeds committee will confer to determine the presence of a violation.

Step 3: If the complaint is ruled valid, written notice will be sent to the non-compliant homeowner.
If the complaint is ruled invalid, an explanation will be sent to the complainant.

Step 4: Failure to reach compliance within allotted time frame will result in further action according to particular restriction.
This could result in the matter being brought to the attention of the Board of Directors for further enforcement action
(including, but not limited to, legal action).

Step 5: If the homeowner fails to comply, the Documents & Deeds Committee brings the issue back to the Board for
enforcement action (i.e. legal action).

Property improvement forms and complaint forms can be downloaded/printed via the
respective link on the left sidebar.



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