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  Adams Run HOA
  P.O. Box 91003
  Louisville, KY 40291
  E-Mail: Info@adamsrunhoa.com

  Current Board of Directors & Committee Chairpersons
  Name Position E-Mail Address
  President Terry Campbell president@adamsrunhoa.com
  Vice President Kristi Hoar vp@adamsrunhoa.com
  Secretary Amanda Wooten secretary@adamsrunhoa.com
  Treasurer Terri Davenport treasurer@adamsrunhoa.com
  Documents & Deeds Jeff Carden deeds@adamsrunhoa.com
  Communications Jan Neukam communications@adamsrunhoa.com
  Grounds Chairperson Jeremy Wooten grounds@adamsrunhoa.com
  Grounds Committee Rob Combs, Sr  
  Gary Ray  
  Carl Jones  
  Kenny Kopple  
  Jacqueline Smith  
  Members @ Large Jeff Carden  
  Rob Combs, Sr  
  Nelson Davenport  
  Barbara Hagele  
  Carl Jones  
  Kenny Kopple  
  Tom Neukam  
  Website Volunteer Gail Yates webmaster@adamsrunhoa.com
  Adams Run HOA is contracted with a Finance Manager who is NOT a board member to handle
  the finances of the association.
  Finance Manager Arden Hagele finance@adamsrunhoa.com
  Attorneys and Closing Agents please contact finance@adamsrunhoa.com

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